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Tanaka Mungoyo


Born Tanaka Mungoyo in the suburb of Warren Park Harare, he is one of the most visible and sought after hip hop artists at the moment.

He started rapping at an early age with inspiration from US Rapper/Business mogul Sean “Jay Z” Carter and besides being mainly a rapper, Peels says he also does poetry. He is the oldest in a family of 6. Most parents in Zimbabwe tend to look down on the arts industry especially when one of their offspring decides to venture into it. Peels was quite fortunate to have parents who wanted him to realise and live his dream of being a rapper.

He grew up listening to Lil Wayne who was the hottest acts that time; R Peels identifies with his music in many ways and says he drew inspiration much inspiration from the works of Lil Wayne

“My early hip hop inspiration was Lil Wayne because in my age group he was one artist who was hot.

“I also draw inspiration from T.I, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Drake, and the likes,” he told Zimbuzz in an interview on his musical inspirations.

Rather outspoken sometimes R peels has a distinct style that resonates through his music which  is made up of real life situation, personal experiences and is very proud of having remained original and have not faked anything. He has 5 albums to his name to date, Zviri Eva Beautiful, Kudenga Kure, God My Therapist, Muchinjiko and the latest album is "Revelations". R.Peels hasn’t escaped the controversial tag from being attached to his back. His vile and uncouth fury at the Zim-Hip Hop Awards and that of many platforms is no secret.

Apart from hip hop he is doing well academically but plans to make music his full time profession and with passion, a daring and rare attitude, with R.Peels anything is possible

He encourages every rapper out there to “make real music” and to the rest of the world he says “Get that Peels to your playlist son!!”


God my Therapist

Kudenga Kure

ZviriEva Beautiful



EPs and Singles


Musiye Akadaro

Cursed by men,Blessed by God EP


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R.Peels ft. Nutty O - Thankful
R.Peels ft. Ishan - Andiroya
R.Peels  - Biggaz
Musiye Akadaro
R.Peels - Eke
R.Peels, Ti Gonzi - Moto
R.Peels – Landlord
Rise of Zimhiphop Performance
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