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Tafadzwa Nhari
8 March 1989

Lord Piper born Tafadzwa Nhari is a young talented  rapper right down from the south of the continent in the mother land of Zimbabwe. His captivating musical charm is a result of incorporating vast and original skill fused with the inspiration from the various artists he grew up listening to such as (Wutang Clan, The Fugees, Mase, The Notorious B.I.G) to name a few. Starting off with a burning musical zeal he started rapping at the tender age of 11 after being kicked out of an english less with his friend and drafting up rhymes to past the time. This hobby grew from entertainment for friends at break time to full on performances during music class with his first official recording session at only 13 years old. Through the years he has found his own voice and aspect of Hip Hop as well as over 18 years recording experience and a fairly growing taste in music production. Throughout these years of growth he has compiled and had the privelege to work with experienced and well seasoned artists such as the late great Andy Brown, Hope Masike and Sylent Nqo.

Lord Piper is one of the most consistent and underrated names in the Zim Hip Hop circles. He has built an incredible niche market ever since his debut single "Magariro" in 2016 following up with impressive and engaging projects such as the Nyamasvisva Swag EP (2018) which featured other hip hop giants Tulk Munny and Trey XL as well as an explosive club single "Favorite Song Yako" that went toe to toe on top radio charts being second only to the legendary dancehall star Enzo Ishall. His visual debut of the "Favorite Song Yako" video left many in awe of the quality of his content as an upcoming artist. Lord Piper has a distinct and intriguing ascent when delivering his colorful lyrics mixed with English and vernacular over well-crafted instrumentals. 2020 may have been deemed a difficult year for creatives but that has not stopped the hip hop royal from putting in work to bring a new video masterpiece "Better" which is the first single off his new EP titled "Pernicious Love Tale" set to drop later this year. Resilience, swag, relevance, and captivating ways to engage an audience on a song is what has always made Lord Piper stand out and the future is set for nothing less of continued great delivery from the hip hop star.

Lord Piper

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