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Tashamiswa Zoe Musarurwa
2nd of May 1999

Emerging as new voice on the scene rapper Tasha or Tashamiswa Zoe Musarurwa is a Chitungwiza based female rapper born on the 2nd of May 1999 in Greenwich, England. The 21 year old artist attended Heritage Primary, Chisipite High School and Speciss College then Camelot international School of Health and Skin Care attaining a Diploma in Health and Skin Care. Through her love for music she has attained qualifications in audio engineering and ethnomusicology from the College of Music and Music Crossroads Academy.

  While other parents discourage their children from singing rap, a genre widely associated with alcohol, drug and sexual abuse, Tasha’s family is her biggest support system.

“My parents have always encouraged me to do what makes me happy, especially with rap, they have been more than supportive and they are my biggest fans,” said Tasha.

“They listen to all my music and advice me. I’m glad to have such support.”

Tasha grew up with music, learning to play piano, violin and guitar at a very young age. At the age of 15 she started rapping and officially started her career in July of 2018 when she dropped Crew on Zifm did very well, receiving major air play on radio. It was a statement that she is a force to reckon with.

 “Rhythm and poetry are things that come naturally to me. I can’t say I chose to do rap but rap chose me,” she said.
Tasha says her music is inspired by her environment and people around her.

“People around me and my environment inspire me, for instance when I’m in the club and inspiration hits me I write a different type of song compared to when I’m heart broken or when I have my whole squad in the studio,” Tasha said.
Tasha is currently working on releasing more music which she promises will upset the hip hop industry and establish her as one of the greats. Tashamiswa or Tasha on stage dreams of ruling the roost.

 “Rhythm and poetry are things that come naturally to me. I can’t say I chose to do rap but rap chose me,” she said.

Besides music, Tasha is a self-taught make-up artist.

Musical Achievements

Nominated for Best female at the Zimbabwe hip hop awards 2018
Changamire Music awards 2019
Best female
Best hip hop verse,
Best hip hop chorus
Best freestyle




Changamire Music Awards 2019
Best freestyle  



Crew (Preview)
BIG (feat. Don Don)
Pon Me (feat. Nutty O) (Preview)
Flawless (Preview)
Clout Chasers (Preview)
Mirror (feat. Guspy Warrior) (Preview)
Mabva Nekupi? (feat. Tazziey)
Tasha - Bho Zvekuti (feat. Asaph)


Tasha Crew
Tasha ft Tulk Munny - Wraps
Tasha ft Asaph Bhoo Zvekuti
Tasha ft Guspy Warrior Mirror
 Hillzy ft Tasha Don’t go
Rise of Zimhiphop Concert

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