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Zvigaba Foundation Inc.

About Us

Zvigaba Foundation Inc. is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to fighting poverty in Africa by funding various science, art and music programs. Our goal is to create employment opportunities for the youth in many impoverished African countries through art projects like sponsored music videos, concerts, dance programs, art & technology exhibits and so much more.

Our various programs enable donors to directly affect the lives of African youth by providing opportunities for them to be involved in the creation of something great. Art. In many African countries, unstable Political and Economic conditions have resulted in high unemployment rates and a feeling of hopelessness for many youths. Many highly educated students find themselves turning to drastic and sometimes illegal activities as a last resort. Our programs are meant to provide hope and opportunity as an alternative as well as to find self-fulfillment for any talented African youth. Order a Zhoodie and proceeds will directly go towards supporting one of our various youth programs. The Zhoodie is proudly manufactured in Zimbabwe.

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