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Beav City

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Beaven Mukwizo

Born in October 1992, Beaven Mukwizo, Beav City is a rapper/singer from Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza where he has made his name on the Hip Hop scene. He started his musical journey from a very early and tender age age and perceived only to get notice in 2017 after having been on the grind since 2008. In 2017 he released his hit single "Rubber" which was on number 1 for 8 weeks Zifm Stereo.

Beav City is a super talented vocalist, recording artist, beat composer and song writer and got his stage name because of his love for Rock City, a group from the states. "From the love of the duo l shortened my name from Beaven to Beav and took City from the duo group name and Beav City was born," he says.

His personal relationships fuels his inspiration musical influence at the moment and from a tender age the likes of Usher, Roki and Chris Brown and if he could work with anyone this would be man of the moment, Jah Prayzah.

His creative process varies with life situations and he can easily transition from Shona to English. In 2016 he released an EP called Music Of The City and an Album called Chocolate City. He says the experience was awesome. Along with an EP named "Free CIty", he just released an epic album named "Trapped in the City".

In the next five years Beav City says you can expect more beautiful music coming your way.

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