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Takura Bernard Shonhai
October 30, 1988

Wordsmith and accomplished recording artist was born, Takura Bernard Shonhai on October 30, 1988 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, he always displayed a keen interest in the arts as a young child. It wasn’t until he started high school that he discovered the power in his euphoric voice and knack for catchy melodies. Fellow male classmates routinely sent Takura on serenading missions to win the hearts of their love interests, a gig he performed to much acclaim.

In 2014 Takura was part of a boy band with his 2 childhood friends, Adrian and Don and they hit the ground running as they entered the Zimbabwe music industry releasing “Ndinokutora”. His writing and singing skills carried the trio to new heights with “Zvinhu” thus creating an afrobeat fusion that was unheard of in Southern Africa and became the song of 2015. This single’s success leads the duo to win their first major award at the Midlands Music Awards (MMA).

Come January 2015, the trio had courted the attention of established record labels in Zimbabwe and went on to sign with Shabach Entertainment in January 2015 and then Kenako Music in July 2015. In 2016, Takura, Adrian and Don (Soul Afrika) allowed themselves a break from the trio to pursue individual solo careers and to seek new opportunities away from their deal with Kenako Music.

From Afro-Pop to Afro-Trap, Takura has undoubtedly shown his versatility and artistic prowess in 2016. Chart toppers ‘Zino Irema’ and ‘MaObama’ are reverberating the sound waves and causing the Southern African music scene to turn on its head. Takura has partnered with Jungle Entertainment Ventures (distribution) and Peak Culture (branding and development) in a career move that has seen him invest more in building an international brand that resonates strongly with his growing audience.The success of this new focus delivered record breaking statistics on commercial global music platforms such as VEVO and iTunes. His debut EP ‘Stripped’ produced by C.O.G Beatz garnered the number 1 (“Mungandidii?”) and 2 (“Negative Energy”) spots on the Zimbabweans iTunes main charts; a feat achieved by no other Zimbabwean artist to date.


Best Single Midlands Music Awards (MMA) 2015
Best Hip Hop Song Award

2016 Nominations:
Best Single Midlands Music Awards (MMA) 2016
Best Music Video Midlands Music Awards 2016
Secular Artist of The Year ZYYA Awards
Music Video of The Year ZYYA Awards




somebody had to do it
stripped era


Eps and singles

Zino Irema
Kutaura newe
Relationship goals
Nhasi Ndezveduwo
kamu Shekero kacho
Got your back
Higher Love
mari hairambwe


Takura -  Jehovah
No Stopping
Zino irema
can`t get over you
Ngoro yemoto
mai mwana
kamu chekero

Music Is a Must


Music Is a Must

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